LIVE – Hotel Lux + SOUP! @ Dead Wax, Birmingham, UK

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

“There’s twice the amount of people that came to us last time we were here” stated Hotel Lux frontman Lewis. In the time since their last visit to brum the band have continued to put out excellent music, including a solid debut in “Hands Across the Creek”. Now on their return to the second city a full upstairs room at Dead Wax greeted them.


Warming the upstairs room up were Manchester band SOUP! Who’s sharp angular guitars, and even sharper lyrics going down well with the ever growing crowd. With a strong set of memorable singles under their belt, including the catchy latest single “Supplies”.

Cans of Fosters at the ready Hotel Lux took to the stage. Unleashing a raucous display of in your face sing along bangers new and old.

Debut album ” Hands Across the Creek” got its rightful time in the spotlight, with tunes such as “”National Team” and “Eastbound and Down” causing mini moshpits down the front. Considering how long the tour had been before reaching Bimrmingham, the band were full of energy and gave every song there all. It wouldnt be suprising if they return back to Birmingham to a room twice the size of this.

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