Crack Cloud + Military Genuis + DJ Jimmy Decent @ The Litten Tree Building – ( ‘LTB’ ) Showrooms, Coventry, UK – 2nd September 2021

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

On Godiva eve you might expect the city of culture to be sleeping, prepping for the weekend of music ahead. But as they say there’s no rest for the wicked, and by wicked, I mean gig lovers. Canadian post punk rockers Crack Cloud were here for a gig at the Litten Tree, and yes you did read that right.

A last minuet switch in venue had moved the gig from Fargo Village to the Litten Tree. The strange site of gig goeres were mixed in with the Coventry regulars pre gig making the most of the cheap pints. I still wasn’t sure what to expect until getting up the stairs, where we were greeted with an incredible new space full of artwork.

Military Genius

DJ Jimmy Decent’s ambient, experimental techno was the perfect soundscape for the space, and it was great to see everyone exploring and taking in the surroundings. Military Genius took to the stage, less a support and more of an offshoot from Crack Cloud led by guitarist Bryce Cloghesy. The slow ambient sounds punctured with moments of crackling energy were in sharp contrast to the main event, and all the better for it.  

I was intrigued to see who from the large collective known as Crack Cloud would be playing. Just seven took to the stage, but that’s all they needed to bring the full power and soul of the collective.

The pulsating almost Kraftwerk rhythms and biting lyrical delivery from drummer and lead singer Zach Choy carried the band who played like their lives depended on it. The set barely took a moment to rest the band belting out each track with commitment and purpose. The crowd responded by christening the Litten Tree with its first mosh pit ever.

“Philosophers Calling” and “Ouster Stew” brought the energy up to another level, right before an abrupt stop that left room gasping for more. In a weekend stacked full of music in Coventry, who would have ever believed the most exciting act would have been upstairs at the Litten Tree.

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