Primal Scream @ The Empire, Coventry, UK – 1st December 2019

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

Real rockstars wear pink. That’s my motto from now on after Primal Scream’s triumphant Coventry show at the Empire.

This was a greatest hits show through and through. Non stop classics filled the venue, four song’s from the classic Screamadelica, a sleazy version of “Kill all Hippies”, or the sexy Stone’s blues of “Get Your Rocks Off”. Whatever incarnation of Primal Scream you were into (there’s been a few) you were catered for on the night. 

Bobby is still the zoned out rockstar you remember him as. Mumbling in between songs didn’t matter, as when it came to singing  and owning the stage the still had it. “Come Together” feels more relevant now in these divisive time’s than ever, Bobby adding in some anti Boris lyrics to drive home the point. 

The Empire has done it again, Coventry is being treated to a run of stand out gigs. Long may the maximum rock and roll continue.

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