JAWS + Ivory Wave + Sugarthief @ The Empire, Coventry – 30th November 2019

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

It was a full on B-Town invasion when JAWS came to Coventry with Ivory Wave and Sugarthief in tow. The young crowd filled the Empire from head to tow, buzzing on red stripe and cheap beers they were ready for a raucous evening in Coventry’s finest venue.

Both support acts had no issue winning the crowd over with strong live acts that are fully capiable of bringing big crowds themselves. Ivory Wave’s baggy danceble tunes even started the first mosh pits of the night.

By the time the incredible light set up started for JAWS the atmosphere was electric. Playing B-Town classics from “Be Slowly” up to the more mature sound from “The Ceiling” each track landing perfectly with the audience. With “Gold” rounding off the set with mosh pits all over, it had been another incredible night of music for Coventry.

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