LIVE – Tim Heidecker @ The Mill, Birmingham, UK

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

The two Tim’s tour brings together the dual sides of comedian and musician Tim Heidekcer. Best known for his work with the surrealist Tim and Eric show, Tim has always dipped his toes into the music world. Now he attempts to bring both worlds together, could he do it?

The first Tim that took to the stage was the comedy Tim, who’s slicked back hair and utterly pissed off demeanour took a rye look at American stand up. It included some staples of his work such as physical comedy and an especially funny segment berating a fellow “Iwatch” owner.

When it came to the music, we were introduced to a calmer, yet no less funny Tim who lamented “I apologise for that first guy”. He proceeded to lead us through a journey of both comedic songs and his more serious singer songwriter jams. Kicking off with the charming “breakup” song “When I Wake Up“ it was immediately clear that the man has just as musical talent as he does comedic.

Focus was spent of his last two LP’s “High School” and “Fear of Death” (although im still sad he didn’t play the title track from the latter).

That’s not to say the comedy didn’t bleed over to the music, an incredible piano rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Lenny Bruce’ allowed Tim to present its hilarious lyrics to the crowd. A furious version of The Yellow Boys “Hot Piss” had the crowd singing along at the end.

If anything, the evening proved that Tim doesn’t have to choose between comedy or music, that he can master both with ease.

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