Gig Spotlight – Ghost Woman + The Big Sugars @ LTB Showrooms, Coventry, UK – 13th May 2022

The 13th is an unlucky number for some, but not for Coventry. As this week the excellent LTB Showroom is treated to a show from Arizona based Ghost Woman supported by local legends The Big Sugars. It’s sure to be an unmissable pysch rock freakout Friday.

The venue – The LTB Showrooms is a new one for Coventry and very unique in that it has a rich history, the entrance is quite speakeasy and secret (through the pub and up the stairs) , it’s a community art gallery, exhibition, vinyl café and work space by day and a musical funhouse and cultural entertainment venue by night.  We went there for last years Crack Cloud gig and can confirm its a venue that must be experienced.

Ghost Woman’s blissfully hypnotic world is the creation of melodic maniac, Evan John Uschenko. Beating the odds of life as a busy touring musician, salvaging and replacing his instruments from burned down rehearsal spaces, van break-ins and far too many relocations to list, Uschenko has transformed his lifelong habit of homespun sonic exploration into a sensory ‘mix and match’ experience destined for the main stage.

Subscribing to the school of authenticity Uschenko seemingly shares with rebellious new-
psych classmates Kurt Vile or The Black Angels, Ghost Woman takes its inspiration largely
from groups like Can, Beak, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, and The Firesign Theatre.

This is their first European tour, so catch them before they catch on.

Support act the The Big Sugars descibe themselves as “The Big Sugars are born from the embers of 60’s Rock N Roll & Punky Glam with the heart of a Bonzo Dog… Might be sugar, but it ain’t saccharine Baby!!!“. Fast becoming Coventry legends, they are known for high energy live shows. A cherry on top to the already exciting evening.

Its a night not to be missed, grab the last few tickets below whilst you can…

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