LIVE – STÖNER + SLOMOSA @ The Mill, Birmingham, UK

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

Like a desert storm supergroup STÖNER flew into town. Delivering all the heavy stoner rock you would expect from a band with that name.

Support came from the Norway based SLOMOSA who were clearly inspired by the likes of Kyuss. Blazing riffs and passionate vocals ripped through the eardrums of the crowd.

The venue was suitably warmed up by the time STÖNER took to the stage. It’s was more heavy riffs from the start, with Brant Bjork in his Ozzy t-shirt rocking some heavy tasty guitar hits before delivering some gnarly vocals. Focusing on their two records “Stoners Rule” and 2022’s “Totally”.

When Nick Oliveri took over vocals for “A Million Beers” the energy pumped up, his vocals are still as unmissable as ever. A cheeky cover of Motorhead’s “R.A.M.O.N.E.S” gave a punky tribute to both bands, who’s influence could be heard throughout the set.

For an encore treat the band pulled out two Kyuss classics “Gardenia” and “Green Machine”, earning a proper Birmingham style mosh. The band had delivered on the promise of their name, a proper night of sludgy stoner rock goodness.

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