LIVE – Kurupt FM @ O2 Insitute, Birmingham, UK

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

Successful TV show, hit album, big movie, and now a sold-out arena tour (well almost…). Kurupt FM are on an all-time contact high, I went to the O2 Institute to check them out on the “Greatest Hits” tour.

After a bunch of excellent DJs and MCs on the support, London’s finest purveyor of peanut dust Chabuddy G swagged onto the stage backed by DJ Steves. It wasn’t long before the rest of the crew burst onto the stage with bottles of champagne, sparying across the audience.

High energy from the get go the crew ran through a number of hit songs even after admitting they had smoked “so much weed”. Nothing could dull the energy of tracks such as “Your Mum Loves Garage”.

“Anyone got any drugs?” requested Steves, a bag was passed to Chabuddy G “All staff members pretend you didn’t see this”. With Steves and the rest of the gang “disposing” of the bag off stage, Chabuddy serenaded the crowd with “Aldona”.

Back on the stage Grindah and DJ Beats traded bars. “Have you sen out film, me and Grindah fell out. This is a song about that” stated beats before launching into the ultimate forgiveness tune “Letter to Grindah”.

It was all love, and that kept on through the rest of the night with them finishing on the big banger “Heart Monitor Riddem”. It might not have been quite the size of venue they expected, but they knew how to get the crowd going with a whole lot of Garage and good times.

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