LIVE – The Wombats + Myriam Adams @ HMV Empire, Coventry, UK

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

In a time when most bands were cancelling shows due to the ongoing threat of Omnicron. One band stood firm and carried on playing gigs, that band was The Wombats who brought their “Fix Yourself, Not The World” album shows to the HMV Empire.

Myriam Adams

Supporting was Myriam Adams, who seemed an unusual choice on paper. However, in practice he proved a formidable support act. Bringing high energy and catchy pop punk songs he got an excellent reception from the crowd.

The Wombats played a set dedicated to the new album, which as a band that have been together for 20 years sounded fresh and pushed them in a new direction. Tracks such as “If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You” and the funky “Wildfire” show they haven’t lost their touch for writing a catchy pop tune that gets the crowd moving. At one point even a giant Wombat stage invaded, wanting in on the party.

An encore featuring the recently viral on Tik Tok “Greek Tragedy” and a crowd singalong of indie classic “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” was the perfect end to the night. The Wombats keep pushing forward, even after 20 years. If Omnicron can’t stop them, nothing will.    

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