LIVE – Damon Albarn @ HMV Empire, Coventry, UK

Review by Robert Barrett

Another special guest rocked up to Coventry for a performance at the HMV Empire in a long run of amazing acts. This time it was all round legend and site favourite Damon Albarn who gave an intimate solo performance of his new album “The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows”, along with some classics thrown in for good measure.

Backed by a small orchestra he brought the intimacy of the album’s topics and its delicate sound to the forefront. The crowd were probably expecting a few more classics upfront, but Damon stayed true to the album playing it in full. “I think the last time I played Coventry was 1992 at the Tick Tock” mentioned Damon, a very long time, but it was clear everyone was pleased to have him back.

However once the album was finished he treated the crowd to a run of Blur classics. From the mournful Beetlebum to a bouncy version of “Girls and Boys” the crowd were singing along for the entirety of the second half. Let’s hope he doesn’t leave it another 19 years before returning.

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