Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes + Lynks + Cassyette @ O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK – 19th November 2021

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

Whenever you see images of Frank Carter they are usually dynamic shots of him interacting with the crowd, surfing, hand standing or joining in the mosh pit. His live shows always bring an incredible amount of passion, energy, and sheer bombast.  Even with a fractured elbow he dropped into the O2 Academy to bring the same intense live show his fans love.

The fans were treated to two support acts picked by Frank. With Cassyette kicking off the night off with some rocking high energy songs, perfect for the night ahead. In-fact It didn’t take long for the first circle pit of the night to erupt during the set. 

Then came Lynk’s, people weren’t ready for Lynk’s. Thankfully I’d caught his incredible slot opening the main stage at latitude, so had an idea of what to expect. Lethal dance moves and hilarious lyrics got the majority of crowd on board from the first song. Self-described as a “bit of a rogue choice” for a support, Lynk’s and his Shower gel (backing dancers) gave the performance there all against the odds and definitely won some fresh fans in the process.

And then it was time for Frank, “My elbow may be fractured, but my vocal cords aren’t” was his defiant statement as he launched into “My Town” off their latest release “Sticky”.

It only took Four songs for Frank to leap into the sweaty crowd for “Kitty Sucker”, with then carrying him all around the front pit. Every word seemed to be screamed back at him with just as much passion and aggression from the crowd. Although I don’t think his doctor would be happy, especially when he tore off the sling and threw it back onto stage.

Both Lynks and Cassyette returned to the crowd to assist Frank with “Off with His Head”, “Bang Bang” and latest single “Go Get Tattoo”. Its great to see Frank giving these smaller artists time to share such a large stage with him.

A ferocious encore of “Angel Wings”, “Crowbar’ and “Original Sin” topped off another incredible performance.  Frank continues to scream his way to the top, will we see him crowd surfing arenas next?

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