Boy Pablo + FUR + Jack Frohlich @ O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK – 17th September 2021

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

Normally the large ques outside of the O2 Academy are a sign of an act playing the main room, but tonight it was the second room that had the que snaking around the block as indie pop sensation Boy Pablo played his first ever show in Birmingham.

Jack Frohlich

Even though I got to the venue at 7:15 due to the incredibly slow-moving que I missed the majority of opening act Jack Frohlich (cheers academy). I joined the set about halfway through whilst Jack covered “Hey Jude” to an impressively large crowd. In fact, it seemed like a large part of the crowd had come to support him.


Next up were Brighton rockers FUR who’s long hair, flared trousers and 60s sound threw it back to a simpler time in pops history. It can be quite a difficult slot stuck between a hometown act and the headliner, but FUR kept the energy of the room going. The peppy “Angel Eye’s” and their biggest song “If You Know That I’m Lonely” were the highlights of the set, which ended with the lead singer in the crowd.

It was a while before Boy Pablo arrived, and the young crowd’s anticipation reached a fever pitch. In a flurry of dance moves and smiles the band took to the stage. Playing tracks off his recent album Watchio Rico. The energy of every song was fully met by the audience, singalongs, mosh pits, you name it – it happened.

Boy Pablo and the band seemed to be loving playing live, big hits like “Everytime” “Losing You” had a wild reception. It may have been his first time in Birmingham, but by how much he seemed to be enjoying it I doubt it will be his last.

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