Krept and Konan @ O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK – 25th January 2020

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

Krept and Konan has an interesting 2019. They released only their second full length album in ten year’s “Revenge is Sweet”, but had to reschedule the album tour dates due to a well-publicised incident at the Birmingham Radio 1 extra. Despite this setback, it seemed the duo were back on track to celebrate the album, an unusually large line built up around the venue to see what they had in store.

Due to the extra security checks (most likely a reaction to the incident at the arena) most missed the first few support acts, myself included. It would have been nice for the venue to advertise this to let people know to get there earlier. But once in, the warm up DJ brought back the excitement with songs that had everyone singing along. Support act Yungen also continued to keep the crowd energy up. Delivering a smooth set from start to finish.

The stage was a recreation of the album artwork, cracked engraved glass with a recreation of the shop front behind. As soon as Krept and Konan stepped out it was clear no expense had been spared with the set design. “Don’t Waste My Time” had jets of smoke firing everywhere, sparks and giant screens popped up throughout the set.

The set shifted from slower songs for the “Ladies” and fast tempo bangers for the “Moshpit Mandem”. It gave the set room to breathe and catered for everyone in the crowds’s taste. However hit “Freak of the Week” brought both sides together, and got the biggest reception of the night. The crowd filling in for Jeremiah’s chorus. 

Throughout it all Krept and Konan seemed to be having an absolute blast, the audience couldn’t get enough either. An army of phones shot up followed by screeches of delight for every track played.

Even though the set very theatrical with its endless pyrotechnics, it was the technical ability of both rappers that really impressed. The energy they bring to the stage is unmatched, as far as UK Hip Hop is concerned, it’s harder to think of better acts at the moment. 

The slow murky “Wo Wo Wo” and the larger than life “I Spy” brought the show to a spectacular close with confetti cannons. Revenge upon Birmingham was sweet for the duo, they had returned in full swing for an exciting victory lap. They came, the saw, they Krept and Conquered.

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