Ty Segall + Los Bitchos @ The Oval Space, London, UK – 12th October 2019

Review and photography by Robert Barrett

As London is drenched by the weekend’s rain, something special was taking place at The Oval Space. Ty Segall had been beamed in for a three night residency playing three different albums in full. The second night was all about his 2011 album ‘Goodbye Bread’, was an unmissable night for any fan of the psych rock wizard.

Los Bitchos were the support, an all woman instrumental group. The almost Latin inspired rhythms and infectious energy was a winner form the start. Even Ty was spotted watching at the side, looking suitably impressed. What else could you want from a support?

The stage was lit blood red as Ty kicked off the first album play-through of the night with his latest offering ‘First Taste’. The aptly named track ‘Taste’ with its filthy fuzz licks set the tone. Within the first three songs he had switched from guitars to drums numerous times. His band replicated the backing perfectly, even allowing for some improvised jams and solos.

He moved swiftly onto the main draw for the night, his 2011 album ‘Goodbye Bread’. It’s unusual have an artist play recent albums in full. Usually this is reserved for nostalgia and anniversary tours, so it felt refreshing to experience this from Ty.

Crowd interaction didn’t seem to be his strong point, although it really didn’t need to be as the music spoke for itself. Dancing and mosh pits were forming for songs such as ‘You Make the Sun Fry’. It was a celebration of an album that put Ty on the map for many people.

Finally the fans were treated to a few songs from ‘Emotional Mugger’. Not that they really needed an encore, as they already had their money’s worth tonight. For a man with such a consistently high quality album output, let’s hope he plays more album shows in the future. Ty proved you can do it in your prime, and still tear the roof off.

First Taste:
Ice Plant
The Fall
I Worship the Dog
The Arms
When I Met My Parents Pt. 1
I Sing Them
When I Met My Parents Pt. 3
Self Esteem
Lone Cowboys

Goodbye Bread:
California Commercial
Comfortable Home (A True Story)
You Make the Sun Fry
I Can’t Feel It
My Head Explodes
The Floor
Where Your Head Goes
I Am With You

Californian Hills
Emotional Mugger / Leopard Priestess

(The original version of this article was first published on Gigjunkies http://www.gigjunkies.com/band-reviews/ty-segall-los-bitchos-at-the-oval-space-london-uk-12th-october-2019/)

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