Benny Sings @ The Moth Club, London, UK – 16th April 2019

Review and photography by Robert Barrett

The Moth Club’s iconic shimmering gold background was the perfect setting for Benny Sings’ pop music. ‘City Pop’ finally seems to be the album that’s getting him the recognition he rightfully deserves after over 15 years on the scene. With a King Midas like songwriting ability, the sold out crowd were about to worship their new golden god.

The band took to the stage smiles ablaze. A classic track ‘Big Brown Eyes’ was first up. It was immediately apparent that the crowd were versed in the old material. “The new record is out now, we best play something from it” remarked Benny as the band launched into the slick ‘Duplicate’. It’s funky rhythms expertly recreated by the band behind him. Sublime backing vocals, expert bass playing and wild trumpet solos. Even Benny seemed impressed, stepping back in awe to watch the band playing his songs.

The sultry single ‘The Beach House’ from his last album ‘Studio’ was a hit, granting a singalong from the audience. The packed room was bathed in a sunset coloured glow from the stage and glittery ceiling. Early single ‘Champagne People’ was introduced by Benny’s comment on how long he had been doing this. It’s such a joy to see an artist who continues to work so hard get the recognition they deserve.

Not content with just being one of the best singles of the year so far, ‘Not Enough’ also packed a punch live. The upbeat jazzy piano melodies create the perfect juxapoition against Benny’s lyrics about an abusive relationship. It’s a perfect slice of pop magic, and the live version upped the funk. A cover of Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’ was a welcome addition to the set. Stripping the song back to pop basics highlights the pop genius of the song, and Benny’s talent.

Benny thanked the crowd and was cheered as he and the band finished the set. The glitz of the stage within its vintage function room setting was the perfect landing point for Benny. Gold is a transition metal, just as the Moth Club’s golden stage seemed to indicate a transition from cult hero to star for Benny Sings.

Big Brown Eyes
The Beach House
Straight Lines
Champagne People
Not Enough
Everything I Know
Shoebox Money
Late At Night
Get There

(The original version of this article was first published on Gigjunkies

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