Beach Fossils Live @ Hare and Hound’s, Birmingham, UK, 5th September 2017

Review and Photography by Robert Barrett

Beach Fossils

I Imagine selling out a gig must be hard work, let alone selling a gig out on a Sunday night. But when that gig involves Birmingham best promotor This is Tmrw and New York based Beach Fossils, expect a crowded Hare and Hounds main room on any night of the week.

Beach Fossils

Latest album “Somersault” has pushed the band into impressive new territory and forging a path away from former record label Captured Tracks. For a sold out show off the back of this critically acclaimed album i had to agree with frontman Dustin Payseur that the crowd was rather “tame”. Maybe the thought of work in the morning dulled the normally enthusiastic Birmingham crowd, a few technical issues whilst well dealt with by the band didn’t help either.

However once into the middle of the set the technical issues ceased and the crowd warmed into it (possibly the pints kicking in), mixing old favourites like “Sleep Apenia” with cuts from the new album went down a treat.

The euphoric finale of “Daydreaming” finally caused mosh pits to break out – proof that Beach fossils had done the impossible and played the tame out of Bimringham.

(The original version of this article was first published on Blankexpression Zine

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